My books are mysteries and thrillers that combine my two favourite subjects; science and history.

I imagine there are not many writers who will integrate a time dilation field with hieroglyphs. So I am an author who gets filed under Science Fiction.

All science interests me.

Genetics; because who doesn’t want to know how we look at the molecular level? And thanks to Rosalind Franklin we now do.

I would love to have studied Philology, to be able to read Cuneiform and Syriac, though I don’t think anyone is going to be able to translate the Voynich Manuscript (and yes I have a copy). 

Ethno-pharmacology because I am fascinated as to what Mayan medicine looked like before the conquistadors turned up; the shamans included herbal remedies in their treatments some of which we still use today.

This then linked to my interest in Mycology; because we are more closely related genetically to fungus, than funguses are to plants! And who couldn’t be stunned by the fact that the interconnecting mycelium has a relationship to the Wood Wide Web; a reciprocity of nutrients and information between fungus and trees.  

And oddly I am curious about Cryptozoology, but not for the usual reasons, I just think we need our mythical creatures and I’d like to know why?

Palaeontology because everyone loves a dinosaur; my house is full of fossils (I feel a cryptic remark about my partner coming on). One of my hero’s is Mary Anning.

Astrology… I have a telescope. A Celestron Nexstar 8SE. I can of course, on a clear night, at the right time of year, be found gazing at Saturn’s rings or Jupiter’s Galilean Moons. Sometimes I just stare at the constellations and wonder, which links me to everyone who ever looked up at the night sky since people walked the earth.

The history of early Hominins through the ‘Gates of Tribulation into the wider world and the development of different but related species, is fascinating, the Denisovans, the Neanderthals, Homo Floresienis, which leads me to another science that interests me, Evolutionary Biology.

When it comes to ‘recent’ history I tend to lose interest by the time that the Plantagenets are dead and the Tudors are in charge!

I have been lucky enough to travel and see the stars in the Antarctic, the Andes, the Himalayas and the Altai.  Often with just a guide and a driver, but usually with a guide and a horse!